We have delivered robust solutions across a diverse cross-section of industries

using Structured Approaches to Innovation,

but our hidden passion is 'Positioning Leaders for Success' with Innovation Intelligence.

Respected, Recognized: FORBES List of America’s Best Management Consultancy Firms 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 for Innovation and Growth Services.

We enable the success of executives and key managers with innovation-based, structured knowledge that drives growth & profitability.

Executive Insights Development

Expansion of leadership knowledge. Systematic, structured research designed to keep leaders ahead of competitors with focused cutting edge knowledge.

Problem Resolution Insights

Solution conceptualization / comprehensive insights.  Identification of solution paths for problems with


Business Opportunity Insights

Identification / management of competitive opportunities; positioning an organization for developing short-, mid- and long-range strategies.

We have served over 100+ industries ranging across domains of knowledge from patents to quantum physics to genetics to software to marketing in addition to the industries listed on this page. Our tools, diverse experience and research capabilities make us a valuable asset for any visionary leaders.


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Applied Innovation Alliance

We focus on moving American INDUSTRY to the next level of maturity by BUILDING the knowledge and certainty of the COMMUNITY around us.