We help industrial companies achieve market-leading positions.

We have delivered robust solutions across a DIVERSITY OF INDUSTRIES using INNOVATION and we have a passion for R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing & Production.

We have served 100+ industries with distinction. 

Manufacturing Industry

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The new data-driven manufacturing journey is here. Is your organization ready… how do you know what your unique needs are?

Oil and Gas Industry

Better process control, improved safety – keys to operational profitability. What’s if 15% improvements could be made in both?

Automotive Industry

We make the future visible. What is impossible to do today that - if possible - would dramatically increase profitability & market share?


We work with clients to define future possibilities. Do you need new business models, processes & game-changing technologies?


We enable the identification of barriers to improve performance. Can you see the hidden problems that are constraining operations?


We have delivered value on multiple fronts. What is the next force multiplier that will push your organization forward?



Accelerating R&D, keeping costs down, delivering new IP are keys to success. Is your organization delivering at the pace you need?


healthcare MRI

An industry of challenges from safety to growth & profitability to blocking paradigms.  Can you overcome the barriers?



Scaling from scientific discovery / patents to marketable solutions is challenging.  Are you meeting stakeholders needs?

Don't see your industry here? We have served over 100+ industries ranging across domains of knowledge from patents to quantum physics to genetics to software to marketing in addition to the industries listed on this page. Our tools and diverse experience make us a valuable asset in any industry.





Applied Innovation Alliance

We focus on moving American INDUSTRY to the next level of maturity by BUILDING the knowledge and certainty of the COMMUNITY around us.