Innovation RainMakersInnovation RainMakers® Service Offerings have been developed and refined since their original launch in 2006. This collection of offerings is matched to the various needs of teams and for their compatibility with online support. When necessary, these services are augmented through onsite meetings to ensure success.

Innovation RainMakers® Service Offerings

  • Revealing Hidden Problems
    • Proactive identification of problems that have become an inherent part of doing business. These problem classes include: 1) hidden problems within products, processes, service offerings, or other areas of business; 2) unsolved problems where people have tried and failed; and 3) unsolved problems where due to their importance people have continued to try to solve. Note: Problem solving support is optional.
  • Structured Idea Generation
    • Designed to support and improve the process of generating high volumes of diverse ideas targeted to a specific client need. Process identifies weaknesses in generated ideas and works to remove these weaknesses. The result is a highly structured, efficient process for developing unique and realistic ideas.
  • Inventive Problem Solving
    • Used for situations where teams are faced with the need to solve complex inventive-level problems. Inventive-level problems are situations where as one characteristic of a system is improved, another degrades, such as cost vs. quality or strength vs. weight.
  • Business Process Innovation
    • An innovative approach to discovering and solving problems plaguing internal processes, or reinventing processes for increased productivity, quality, etc.
  • Inventive Failure Prediction / Prevention
    • Proactive identification and invention of failure modes followed by the development of mitigation plans in preparation for implementation.
  •  SpeedSolving™
    • Applicable in situations where there is a need for extreme focus, speed and results, and there is little or no time for off-line work.
  • Rapid Team Ramp-Up™
    • Provide focus, documentation and information to enable newly-formed teams to reach peak productivity and performance as fast as possible.
  • Innovation and Optimization
    • Applicable to any situation that can be modeled. This process is a combination of building and enhancing models of any type or level of complexity. AIA’s team supports client teams with specific Structured Innovation methods, tools and techniques to create or improve existing models, and incorporates state-of-the-art computer optimization and innovation to deliver the best possible results.
  • Concept Strengthening
    • Applicable to situations where concepts have been developed but there is concern that the solution is insufficient. This process provides a means for a team to identify and resolve hidden problems while strengthening their understanding of the concept.
  • Special Applications
    • Targets applications of Structured Innovation that can be performed via the web, for example: weight reduction, cost reduction, measurement & detection strategies, patent analysis – deconstruction / reconstruction, patent infringement / circumvention, et al.

We match to your needs by working onsite for facilitated work, online for low-cost / multi-location teams or by delivering independent work when you just don't have the time. SET UP AN APPOINTMENT TO TALK NOW!

Innovation RainMakers® is one of multiple Applied Innovation Alliance service offerings. Over the years, we have worked hard to match to the needs of our clients.