We transform manufacturing operations… … … introducing Artificial Intelligence for control and empowering people.

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Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.

Continuity of a Useful Action

Leveraging AI to take control of processes and empower employees

“95% of the time that a problem has not been solved, it is because it has been defined incorrectly.”  Dana W. Clarke, Sr.

Applied Innovation Alliance enables the transformation of manufacturing operations – proactively take control of production throughput, cost and quality while elevating the value and contribution of plant floor personnel.

Having the ability to take control of your manufacturing processes is closer than you think.  From assessment of your manufacturing processes to reveal hidden costs of failure to control to ROI; we are here to serve.  Introduction to a new level of artificial intelligence understanding is almost as easy as plug into your data and start realizing the rewards – assess your situation, simulate your data, diagnose your system or run a pilot – your choice; we are here to serve.  Could it really be that simple?

The big picture:  Most manufacturing processes are reactive; personnel wait for something to break or go out of control so they can fix it; its a firefighters playground.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Shouldn’t production be a proactive environment where everything is controlled to the highest possible level at the lowest possible cost?

Throughput, cost and quality are NOT always in control.

Operational performance is NOT visible to all plant floor personnel from those at the machine to leadership, personnel are NOT always held accountable for their actions, and when problems occur, they are NOT always resolved in a timely manner.

FREE Manufacturing 4.0 paper and Readiness Checkup  


What we do…

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation

We deliver solutions in manufacturing where none have existed; transforming throughput, quality, cost and culture from the plant floor through leadership; enabling accountability and responsibility.

We ensure that your team has the ability to deliver new levels of manufacturing performance.

From assessment to the delivery of ROI, we work with you to deliver return on investment at an accelerated pace; more accelerated that you can imagine.


AIA enables the use of artificial intelligence to deliver:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved process control
  • Improved product quality
  • Transformed operations from reactive to proactive
  • Empowered personnel with a focus on accountability and responsibility

We are about delivering the results visionaries have dreamed about for years.

It’s often difficult to believe there is a solution to a problem that seems impossible to solve but there is a Impossible to Possiblereality, solutions do exist and all systems evolve to the next generation, lie static or die.  Either you will be the one to bring AI to your manufacturing operation or your competitor will beat you to the punch, and in doing so, may reap your share of growth and profitability.

FREE Manufacturing 4.0 paper and Readiness Checkup  

AIA works with you and your team to deliver manufacturing innovation and transformation. Our focus is on ensuring that time to solution, return on investment and permanency of solutions are all realized. Lastly, it is not about us, but about ensuring that your team owns the solution, and that it is sustainable. We Are Here to Help!

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Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.


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