Innovation RainMakers®:
Your Virtual Innovation Team

 Benefit now from re-imagined innovation; professional innovators working interactively with and for your team using our guided processes on your critical projects. Quantify a difficult-to-reach opportunity and together we deliver significant ROI that meets or exceeds your desired results.

Innovation at “Net Zero Cost To You.”

 Our proprietary systems make innovation an ongoing business discipline. Your knowledge plus our innovation processes can support all aspects of your business: from R&D to product delivery; strategic & tactical; touching all business functions.

Applied Innovation Alliance – Respected, Recognized:
FORBES List of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms
2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 for Innovation & Growth Services

Think of AIA when:

  • You want to solve critical problems faster.
  • You need to evolve your business model, your business processes, or engineered systems.
  • You are facing significant uncertainty, time is critical and you need to get control.

Target your immediate or long-term needs and we go to work with your team or in parallel with your team:

  • Product Innovation & Transformation
  • Manufacturing Innovation & Transformation
  • Business Innovation & Transformation
  • Strategic Technology Solutions & Implementation

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” Michael Porter

Acknowledged by experts, Applied Innovation Alliance has delivered BILLIONS in high-value solutions across a diversity of industries.

Learn how our diverse 100+ person team works with leaders to deliver solutions based on their business and personal needs. Gain access to a team of professional innovators and industry savvy talent for the cost of a single employee and quickly transition to “net zero cost”.

Innovation RainMakers® – live, interactive support 24/7; supporting teams across the USA; a service of Applied Innovation Alliance since 2006.