We Share Actionable Knowledge on Problem Solving, Structured Innovation / TRIZ*

(*The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

“The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do.”  Benjamin Disraeli

Your company is challenged by a constantly evolving pool of competitors in an ever expanding global environment.  The only constants are that the speed of change is increasing and your time to deliver solutions is getting shorter and shorter.  One solution is to hire more people; the other is to grow more talented innovators… people who can solve problems and deliver results faster.

Business Challenges for We Share What we do…

At AIA, we constantly study problem solving, innovation and the evolution of systems so we can deliver the people, knowledge and/or innovations required to drive the growth and profitability for our clients.  As a result, we have amassed a huge library that we share in two ways: 

(1) by giving away shutterstock_172834148valuable content; and

(2) by using our knowledge to train and develop individuals and teams.

We are expanding the body of knowledge of Structured Innovation / TRIZ.

  • Continuously researching and structuring knowledge as we solve problems and deliver innovative solutions to clients.
  • Integrating new knowledge and emerging methods with existing business practices.
  • If we cannot solve a problem or cannot solve it fast enough, we study “Why NOT?” and develop new knowledge and methods to ensure future success.
  • We research, catalog and share hundreds of inventive principles.
  • We teach and coach individuals and teams the ‘nuts and bolts’ of innovation for all areas of business.
    • Inventive Problem Solving
    • Business Process Innovation
    • Risk mitigation
      • Inventive Failure Analysis and Elimination of Failure Modes
      • Inventive Failure Prediction and Prevention of Failure Modes
    • Paradigm Shifting Innovation

Professional Development shutterstock_122158936Results…

Trained thousands of individuals.

  • Developed over 60 professional innovators.
  • Publish the AIA Weekly Newsletter (no charge to registered members).
  • Built an ever-expanding library of over 1500 Inventive Principles with descriptions, hints on usage and a diverse set of examples from various walks of life (no charge to registered members).
    • Science / Engineering Principles
    • Business / Human Interaction Principles
    • Bio-mimicry / Geo-mimicry Principles
  • We produce eBooks.
  • We develop standard and customize courses for on-site and on-line training / workshops.
  • We teach what we have learned.

Hot tip we are here to help knowledge is powerIts easy to say, “My team just doesn’t have time.” or “We already know how to innovate.”  But is it really the time to stop learning?  What if, there is really something behind all of this structured innovation knowledge that could launch your innovation efforts… what would the value to your company be?  What if, you and your team could learn while delivering higher value results?

Applied Innovation Alliance is continuously expanding the body of knowledge related to Structured Innovation / TRIZ through research and practical application.  This body of knowledge includes integration with existing business practices.  When methods do not exist, we create them and share our findings with our most engaged and committed clients.

“Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it.”  Sudie Back

Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.