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NEWS RELEASE April 2019: Applied Innovation Alliance is recognized for the fourth year in a row in Forbes List of America’s Best Management Consultancy Firms 2019; in the category of Innovation and Growth services.

Innovation Growth and Profitability are key attributes of a prosperous organization.


Core Competency

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Our core competency is delivering growth and profitability through structured approaches to innovation and transformation.

A Sampling of Real World Challenges…

Business QuestionsThe leadership of your company has demanded more innovation. You've hired people with the degrees and competencies to deliver, but you failed to focus on hiring innovators. Incremental changes are no problem but when it comes to solving complex problems and creating earth shattering change, you're in trouble.

You don't need more incremental changes; you need game-changing innovation.  Brainstorming and waiting for the next big idea aren't getting your there.  Stress is building... new ideas aren't good enough, return on investment isn't there, and tough problems are not being solved.  Struggling, you keep asking, "What is it going to take?"  You know it is something new, something different, more than you have been able to provide and your ensuing evaluation / your job is at risk.

What do you do? Who do you go to? Where do you look for the next great change?  Do you need a solution for a problem no one in the industry has been able to find? Do you need to identify that next great paradigm shift? Do yAre you overwhelmed by innovation challenges?ou need to understand how the future ‘can and will’ unfold so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors?  Do you need to excite and delight your customers?

What we do…

We are masters at delivering innovation matched to any company’s innovation growth and profit margins needs; this is our core competency.

  • We enable the delivery of tactical innovation: solve complex problems, deal with patent issues, improve products / processes, permanently eliminate failure modes and mitigate risk.shutterstock_250798558
  • We enable the delivery of strategic innovation: create paradigm shifts, define patent opportunities, define how the future ‘can and will’ unfold, and enable the development of comprehensive competitive strategies.

In situations where no methods exist to meet your needs, we invent new methods to ensure that your company realizes the innovation growth required to sustain your future.


  • Solved hundreds of technical problems; 10s of billions in value delivered; concepts created in minutes to a few weeks.
  • Improved business processes; over $500 million in value delivered; concepts created in hours to a few weeks.shutterstock_161866778
  • Shifted paradigms of engineered / manufactured technologies; $100s of millions invested by clients; concepts delivered in two to six weeks.
  • Transformed manufacturing operation; 95% reduction in inventory; shifted from batch to continuous flow with significant improvements in quality and cost; 41% ROI.
  • Defined viable arrays of patents; patents directly linked to multiple new product platforms; three to eight months.
  • Mapped the future of business and technical systems 10-30 years into the future; dozens of corporate strategies / action plans pushed forward; four to six months.

We are quite often asked by people like yourself, “Will AIA’s approaches to innovation work in my industry and on the challenges I am faced with?” Our response is a resounding, “YES” because innovation can be applied to any type of business or technical situation in any area of your business. This is what innovators have been doing for thousands of years.

Applied Innovation Alliance works for your company to enhance its innovation growth and profit margin. We work with you to identify and destroy barriers to innovation while creating and building on your company’s vision. Our focus is delivering tactical and strategic needs with a continuous focus on your company’s INNOVATION GROWTH and PROFIT MARGIN.

If you are ready to move your company forward...

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Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.