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  • RSS feeds January 19, 2021
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  • Research Headlines - Spinwellen für die Datenverarbeitung der Zukunft January 12, 2021
    Die Wissenschaft arbeitet an der nächsten Generation von Computersystemen, die Informationen schnell und flexibel verarbeiten können und gleichzeitig energieeffizient sind. Auch das EU-finanzierte Projekt SWING war daran aktiv beteiligt und hat eine innovative Methode vorgelegt, die diese „Supercomputer“ vom Reißbrett in die Wirklichkeit katapultieren könnte.
  • Research Headlines - Spin waves for next-generation computing January 12, 2021
    Scientists are currently working to develop next-generation computer systems which can process information quickly and flexibly but are also energy-efficient. The EU-funded SWING project also actively contributed to this goal. Their research has produced an innovative new method that could prove key to bringing these 'super computers' from the drawing board to reality.
  • Research Headlines - Ondas de espín para la informática de nueva generación January 12, 2021
    Los científicos trabajan en desarrollar sistemas informáticos de nueva generación que procesen información de forma rápida, flexible y eficiente en materia de energía. El proyecto SWING, financiado con fondos europeos, contribuyó activamente a ello. Su investigación ha creado un método nuevo e innovador que podría ser clave para llevar estos «superordenadores» de la mesa de […]
  • Research Headlines - Les ondes de spin pour l'informatique de prochaine génération January 12, 2021
    Les scientifiques développent actuellement des systèmes informatiques de prochaine génération capables de traiter des informations de manière rapide, modulable et éco-énergétique. Le projet SWING financé par l’UE a activement contribué à cet objectif. Ses recherches ont produit une nouvelle méthode innovante qui pourrait s’avérer essentielle pour donner vie à ces «supercalculateurs».
  • Research Headlines - Le onde di spin per la computazione di prossima generazione January 12, 2021
    Oggi gli scienziati stanno lavorando allo sviluppo di sistemi informatici di prossima generazione in grado di elaborare informazioni in modo rapido e flessibile, oltre che efficiente sotto il profilo energetico. Anche il progetto SWING, finanziato dall'UE, contribuisce attivamente a questo obiettivo concependo un nuovo metodo per trasferire questi «super computer» dal progetto alla produzione.
  • Research Headlines - Fale spinowe umożliwiają budowę komputerów nowej generacji January 12, 2021
    Naukowcy stale dążą do opracowania systemów komputerowych nowej generacji, które będą w stanie wydajnie i elastycznie przetwarzać dane przy zachowaniu niskiego zużycia energii. Finansowany przez UE projekt SWING również skupiał się na tym celu. Powstała w ramach badań innowacyjna metodologia może okazać się kluczem do urzeczywistnienia szybkich, elastycznych i energooszczędnych „superkomputerów”.
  • Research Headlines - Transforming institutions to foster responsible research June 24, 2020
    An EU-funded project is promoting responsible research and innovation in bioscience, using action plans, a sustainable model and guidelines that aim to make research more relevant, inclusive and effective for citizens and businesses.
  • Research Headlines - Collecting the world's viruses, empowering urgent research April 2, 2020
    Ebola, Zika, MERS, COVID-19? An EU-funded collection of mammalian viruses is supporting researchers around the globe in their efforts to shed new light on old and emerging illnesses and advance their treatment and control. This Research Infrastructure is the world's largest archive of such pathogens and is set up to respond to outbreaks quickly.
  • Research Headlines - New treatment to slow muscle wastage in boys with DMD March 19, 2020
    A medicine developed by EU-funded researchers has been approved to treat children with the degenerative and fatal genetic disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy. A major clinical trial is expected to announce positive results soon.

RSS Defense Systems – Articles & Blogs

  • It’s time for a tactical LiDAR satellite January 14, 2021
    Deployment of a LiDAR satellites will allow the military to effectively use its new generation of weapons systems.
  • Civilian-military concerns trail Biden's defense secretary pick January 14, 2021
    With the Senate Armed Services Committee prepping to hear the nomination of retired Army General Lloyd Austin to serve as secretary of defense, some lawmakers are concerned about preserving civilian control of the U.S. military.
  • Russia behind SolarWinds hack, intel agencies claim January 14, 2021
    According to a Jan. 5 statement from the Cyber Unified Coordination Group, “an Advanced Persistent Threat actor, likely Russian in origin, is responsible for most or all of the recently discovered, ongoing cyber compromises of both government and non-governmental networks."
  • Evanina: SolarWinds victims numbers 'will continue to grow' January 14, 2021
    A top counterintelligence official today said the number of known federal agencies affected by the SolarWinds hack will likely to continue to rise beyond initial estimates.
  • SolarWinds hackers accessed DOJ email January 14, 2021
    Suspected Russian intelligence agents are believed to have accessed "around" 3% of email inboxes, but not any classified systems, according to a Justice Department spokesman.
  • DOD, NTIA pushing open 5G stack ecosystem January 14, 2021
    The Defense Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced plans to issue a challenge to accelerate development of software and telecom technologies for an open 5G stack ecosystem in support of DOD missions.
  • More visible data helps drive DOD decision-making January 14, 2021
    CDOs in the Defense Department are opening up their data to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that help surface insights and improve decision-making.
  • DOD nixes diversity training modification for contractors January 14, 2021
    The Pentagon eliminated a class deviation that implemented the president's executive order purging diversity training across federal grants and contracts.
  • DISA takes on DOD cloud operations January 14, 2021
    The Defense Information Systems Agency will be absorbing the Defense Department’s Cloud Computing Program Office by the end of January, the agency's director said.
  • Hackers breaking into networks without SolarWinds, CISA says January 14, 2021
    The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says hackers are breaching federal networks by exploiting methods besides the SolarWinds Orion vulnerabilities.