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  • Army eyes Kessel Run model to boost software capabilities May 20, 2020
    The Army's chief technology officer, William Robinson, said the service is planning to emulate the Air Force's model to improve computing at the edge.
  • Pentagon reassigns COVID policy response lead May 20, 2020
    The Defense Department’s chief for industrial policy, Jennifer Santos, who has been leading the organization’s production strategy for supplies needed to fight COVID-19, has been removed from her post.
  • Why security clearance needs may dip as teleworking grows May 20, 2020
    Bill Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said the intel community’s carte blanche need for top-secret security clearances may dwindle due to expanded telework abilities.
  • DOD lands major contract for war-fighting AI May 20, 2020
    The Defense Department used one of the General Services Administration's government wide contracts to get AI for future warfighting capabilities.
  • U.S squeezes Huawei on chip design May 20, 2020
    An export rules change will limit the Chinese telecommunications company's ability to use U.S. gear and software to make semiconductors abroad.
  • Air Force aims to make secure mobile identity management the norm May 20, 2020
    Jason Howe, the Air Force's chief technology officer and chief cloud architect for manpower, personnel, and services, said the pandemic has exposed DOD's need for better mobile security.
  • ODNI shakes up cyber structure May 13, 2020
    A consolidation of the cyber offices at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is just one piece of a sweeping re-org announced by the spy agency late Friday that includes the elimination of one of four directorates.
  • Navy IT looks beyond COVID-19 May 13, 2020
    The Navy's network operations, like most federal agencies, scrambled to shift to completely remote workforce, but the experience has also shifted workers' network expectations.
  • Is an economic focus on earnings killing U.S. innovation? May 13, 2020
    The head of DOD's Defense Innovation Unit suggested that any technology race with China commands a dramatic shift in U.S. market strategies.
  • Microsoft: Amazon is drowning JEDI with complaints May 13, 2020
    When Amazon Web Services filed an agency protest with the Defense Department seeking clarity about technical aspects of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract, Microsoft called it an attempt “to force a do-over to rescue its failed bid.”