We Deliver the Future… knowledge of future innovations / opportunities

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller

AIA has developed the ability to clearly articulate how future innovations and opportunities ‘can and will’ evolve.Strategic Business Challenges

We deliver the ability for you to transition from being on the receiving end of change to being on the LEADING EDGE.Future Innovations and Opportunities

We deliver analytically derived knowledge of the future vs. brainstorming and assumptions.

If you or your team does not have the time, we work behind the scene to create new information / knowledge for you.

Getting to busy to move forward can be a fatal flaw; you must constantly be positioned to grow.

We serve a role as your extended team that is thinks independently of you and your team to identify new, disruptive opportunities.

What we do…

We identify and map out future innovations and opportunities.

  • Independent research / analysis / synthesis matched to your specific needsshutterstock_198733898

“We become your extended team.”

  • Paradigm shifting for business models / processes / technological systems

“We deliver next generation business models / processes / technical systems, e.g. products, manufacturing processes, et al.”

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Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.

  • Mapping future innovations and opportunities for corporations and consortia

“We map how the future ‘can and will’ unfold to enable your ability to identify new strategies.”

  • Patent landscapes and product portfolios

“We enable your need to file patents for new / extended product lines.”

  • Deconstruct / reconstruct patents

“We allow you to overcome blocking patents and infringement issues.”

  • Think tank research

“We expand your understanding of the future.”


  • Chemical company rethinks processing – result: multiple new $100 million plants developed globally.Future Innovations & Opportunities
  • Automotive company redefines vehicle production process; result: $150 million capital investment in new manufacturing facility.
  • Government contractor acquired new knowledge of how power and energy for vehicles will evolve over the next 20-30 years – results: detailed map of the future plus 10 forward-looking strategies developed.
  • Vehicle manufacturer shifted thinking on how to prevent leaks to moveable, removable tops – result: major capital investment in new manufacturing process planned.
  • Diagnostics company invested in patent landscape / product portfolio project – results: 20 patents filed with 11 new product platforms conceptualized.

We are often asked, “Is it really possible to see into the future with any degree of certainty?” The reality is, yes, because we are not attempting to predict what will happen. We are identifying the possibilities and identifying  future innovations / opportunities. This proactive approach is no different than what your predecessors did or what your competitors are doing. The only difference is that through our studies of evolution, invention and problem solving, we know how to articulate and assess the validity of future opportunities.

We Are Here to Help!Applied Innovation Alliance works with you to identify future opportunities for your company. To achieve this objective AIA works independently or as an extension of your team to deliver new knowledge of how future opportunities ‘can and will’ evolve. From patents and next generation paradigm shifts to mapping the future of business opportunities, business models, processes and technologies, AIA covers all of your needs. Our focus is delivering strategic innovation needs with a continuous focus on your GROWTH and PROFITABILITY.

“Control your own destiny or someone else will.”  – Jack Welch

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Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.