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Our Founder: Dana W. Clarke, Sr.

President / CEO, Dana W. Clarke, Sr.

Dana W. Clarke, Sr. is President/CEO of Applied Innovation Alliance, LLC, which is focused on the advancement and practical application of Structured Innovation / TRIZ approaches to all areas of business. These approaches provide a means for advancing the innovation capabilities of its clients in areas such as front-end strategic planning, R&D, product and process development, business development and the implementation of innovation as a core competency.

Dana's work in Structured Innovation / TRIZ has led to the development of unique approaches for Structured Innovation, Team Building and the Professional Development of Innovators in all areas of business, science and engineering. His expertise encompasses the practical application, consulting, facilitation and training of such methodologies and business practices as Competitive Opportunity Management, Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Product Development, Business Process Innovation, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Quality Function Deployment, TRIZ, Technology Research and Organizational Engineering.

In 1995, Dana became the 1st person in the Western Hemisphere to become certified as a Level 4 TRIZ Specialist by a Level 5 TRIZ Master.

In March 2001, he became the first natural born American to become internationally recognized as a Level 4 TRIZ Specialist by the International Association of TRIZ. Today, TRIZ has evolved into an integral part of all of Dana’s endeavors.


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