We enable teams… complex problem solving in business from processes to science and engineering.

Learning to look at problems from a different point of view enables the identification of a different set of solutions to problems perceived to be impossible to solve.

“The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.” Thomas Huxley

Applied Innovation Alliance enables teams; WE GET THEM UNSTUCK.

A manager and his staff walk into a bar…Complex Problem Solving in Business - a huge business challenge

It’s been a long week (or two); you have called your team to the conference room. Regretfully, your team has been faced with a problem that they cannot solve.

The big picture:

1. Huge effort has been expended: failed trial and error, insufficient problem solving methods, extensive research, exhaustive brainstorming

But…  no solution, pressure from your boss, problem is highly visible throughout organization.

2. Team stress is building, and the pressure from your boss is making you uneasy. Your team must deliver a solution to the problem.

Worse yet, this is not the first time you have been plagued with unexpected problems with no known or acceptable solutions.

What we do…

We enable teams to solve complex problems.

  • Our focus is on complex problem solving in business, science and engineering:Inventive Problem Solving - Complex Problem Solving in Business
    • Time to solution
      • The faster the better.
    • Return on investment
      •   The greater the value the better.
    • Permanency of the solution
      • WE FOCUS on making it last!

We ensure that your team buys into and owns the solution.


AIA enables teams with a focus on complex problem solving in business.

  • Manufacturing –
    • Delivered significant savings through consolidation of operations (elimination of a second facility) and an order of magnitude improvement in quality and other key metrics.
    • Conducted visioning, assessment, alignment, justification, implementation of sustaining solution – the results: 41.7% ROI through transition from batch to single piece flow, 95% reduction in inventory, and improved utilization of labor. 
  • Defense – 15 minutes to solution after 2.5 months of lost time trying to solve – Team: 4 person engineering team and an AIA facilitator – upon identifying the solution, the team leaves the room immediately to implement.
  • Automotive – transmission problems were expected to delay a vehicle launch – the client was under urgent pressure to resolve the issue – 6 hours to solution – Team: one engineer and an AIA facilitator – once unstuck, the engineer moved forward without additional support.
  • Aviation – The team’s solution delivered $1 billion+ in new sales plus $10s of billions in value to the industry.
    • A 50-year-old  problem solved in 20 hours – solution could have been identified and implemented 50 years earlier – Team: two subject matter experts plus an AIA facilitator changed an industry’s future.
  • Healthcare – $125 million returned to the bottom line.
    • CFO had tried to resolve day’s sales outstanding (DSO) issue for two years; problem was getting worse.
    • 12 women from a call center spent a week identifying 10 paths forward; They developed idea into concepts to preparing to make the sale to management, this team owned the solutions and successfully implemented them over the following year – Team: 12 women plus two AIA facilitators.
  • Foundry Operations – our client experienced an industry-wide problem with degradation of their ductile iron’s Brinell hardness – employees, academics and industry experts failed to resolve the problem over a six-month period; problem was getting worse  – 12 days of inventive failure analysis / elimination resulted in identification of the root cause and initiation of elimination of the problem –Team: one client Subject Matter Expert plus two AIA consultants.

We are about complex problem solving in business, science and engineering.

Teamwork is the key to complex problem solving in buisness.

We enable teams.

You may hesitate to call-in an outside consultant because teams hate to admit they are struggling with a tough challenge: they have a strong sense of ownership, there is the potential that egos may get in the way, or they may feel embarrassed because they were hired to do this job.  But the reality is that you need solutions now, in a highly constrained situation. You also need someone who respects your team’s hard work and expertise and someone who ensures that the team owns the solution and gets credit for the successes.

AIA works with you and your team to deliver complex problem solving in business where there is no known or acceptable solution. Our focus is on ensuring that time-to-solution, return-on-investment and permanency of solutions are all realized. Lastly, it is not about us, but about ensuring that your team owns the solution, and that it can be implemented. We Are Here to Help!

When the cost of a problem is out of control and when it is urgent, it is damaging your business and you must resolve it NOW. That is the time to contact us!

Of course any time is a good time to connect with us so you have a professional team and a working relationship, before the crisis. Most leaders agree it can be stressful to find a trusted partner in the middle of an expensive, urgent and complex problem when your customers are getting angrier by the minute.  CONTACT US to set up a 20 minute NO OBLIGATION call with our founder, Dana W. Clarke, Sr.

Our core competencies are: problem solving, adaptive reasoning and structured approaches to innovation... we can help you make a difference.