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We have worked in 100 plus industries and we leverage that diversity of experience for our clients. Together, we have delivered amazing results!

Be Prepared for Your Next BIG CHALLENGE.

Insert AIA into your team as a facilitator to help your subject matter experts get the job done faster.

Paradigm Shift - Chemical

We helped a chemical company rethink processing, which resulted in multiple new $100 million plants developed globally. Time frame: 12 weeks

Evolve the Future - Automotive

An automotive company needed to redefine vehicle production processes. With our help, they succeeded and made a $150 million capital investment in a new manufacturing facility. Time frame: 8 weeks

Government - Map the Future

A government contractor needed to know how vehicle power & energy would evolve over the next 20-30 years. We helped detail a map of the future, plus developed 10 forward-looking strategies. Time frame: 6 months

Vehicle - Implement the Vision

We helped a vehicle manufacturer shift thinking on how to prevent leaks to moveable, removable tops, which resulted in a major capital investment in new manufacturing process (this has moved to the planning stage). Time frame: 8 weeks

Focusing on our skills means our clients WIN BIG.

Your team has core strengths. We have different strengths. Put them together in our process... check out these results.
We mapped the future of business and technical systems 10-30 years into the future; dozens of corporate strategies / action plans pushed forward; Time frame: four to six months.
We have solved hundreds of technical problems, which have resulted in $10s of billions in value delivered. Time frame: concepts created in minutes to a few weeks.    

Manufacturing operation were transformed: 95% inventory reduction; shifted from batch to continuous flow; significant quality & cost improvements; achieved a verified 41% ROI on a $44M capitol investment. Time frame: from R&D through initial acquisition was 2 years

Shifted paradigms of engineered / manufactured technologies; $100s of millions invested by clients. Time frame: concepts delivered in two to six weeks.

We are proud that we accelerate problem-solving.

AIA facilitates teams towards focusing on and solving complex tactical problems.


  • Set up: two and a half months were spent trying to solve a problem (no solution; lost time) so an AIA facilitator was brought in to focus a 4-person engineering "strike" team.
  • Time frame: 15 minutes to solution.
  • Results: A solid solution was identified, the team left to immediately implement the solution. No permission or economic justification was required.


  • Set up: A complex and entrenched transmission problem was going to hold up a vehicle launch so an AIA facilitator was brought in to focus a single engineering expert.
  • Time frame: 6 hours to solution.
  • Results: The hidden reason for the issue was uncovered. A solid solution was identified and tested to eliminate the possibility of additional compounding issues. The engineer moved forward without additional support.


  • Set up: A CFO had tried to resolve a "day’s sales outstanding" (DSO) issue for two years, but it was a complex problem and it was getting worse not better. Two AIA facilitators were brought in to focus the CFO and a 12-person team.
  • Time frame: 1 week to solution identification (with AIA facilitators) and 1 year to fully implement changes (by the 12-person team).
  • Results: The two AIA facilitators engaged 12 women from a call center. Together they spent a week identifying 10 paths forward (from ideas to concepts to preparing a presentation to get management buy-in). The solutions were identified and strengthened. The team owned the solutions and successfully implemented the plan over the following year without help. The CFO verified the value of the resolution at $175 Million one time savings. Management accepted all concepts and implementation and ROI started within 30 days.


  • Set up: An opportunity was identified. If a particular issue was resolved it could result in $1 Billion+ in new sales plus $10s of Billions in value to the industry. However, no one had resolved the issue in 50 years. An AIA facilitator was brought in to focus the two person  team (subject matter experts).
  • Time frame: 20 hours to solution.
  • Results: The solution was identified and strengthened and implemented. After 50 years, the problem was solved in 20 hours and changed the industry’s future. The irony is that the solution could have been identified and implemented 50 years earlier with the correct focus and mindset.


  • Set up: This was an industry-wide problem involving the degradation of ductile iron Brinnell hardness.  Manufacturers were walking away from the industry. Expert employees, academics and industry-level experts failed to resolve the problem over a six-month period. There was no solution and the problem was getting worse. Two AIA consultants were brought in to focus one client SME.
  • Time frame: 12 days of inventive failure analysis / elimination.
  • Results: The team's failure analysis / elimination resulted in the identification of the root cause - the solution was identified and strengthened to eliminate risk and uncertainty. Thus began the problem's elimination. AIA was available throughout the solution's implementation in case any additional constraints arose. The problem was eliminated. Because this foundry was the only one with a solution, their market share increased rapidly.

Educational Case Studies

These educational case studies are intended to show simple examples of the some of the thought processes behind Structured Innovation / TRIZ. They only scratch the surface of breadth and depth of the underlying methods, tool and techniques, but even so, they are powerful.

TIP: Once a solution is "discovered" people tend to say, "That was simple to solve."  The reality is, that in many cases, the problems existed for years (or even decades) without being solved. In actuality, the problem was entrenched, but the tools and process made it seem natural. Leaders must not forget how difficult it was to solve at the beginning if they want their innovators to keep solving tough problems.

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