Our Company

Applied Innovation Alliance (AIA) is focused on making innovation practical, teachable, executable and manageable. What was once seen as a unique and highly personalized talent linked to creative individuals is now something that can be leveraged, repeated and managed throughout an organization.

Applied Innovation Alliance brings structured, disciplined and analytical approaches to innovation challenges. Applicable to all areas of business, engineering and science, AIA's work has been leveraged within industries such as Defense, Transportation, Healthcare, Electronics, Food Science, Energy and more. Our work goes beyond incremental improvements and optimizing the current situation to the realization of new solutions, growth and profitability for our clients.

Ethics, honesty and trust are the hallmarks of AIA.

Brief History

AIA was formed in 2002 through the development of strong alliances with professional innovators and team members passionate about delivering high-value solutions to industries of all types. Today, AIA has over 100 years of Structured Innovation / TRIZ talent and has delivered billions of dollars in value to clients and the industries they serve.

Challenges that companies have viewed impossible to resolve have been transformed into high-value growth and profitability.

"Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity."

- Michael Porter