What costs are a prime target of Manufacturing 4.0?

Advanced Cushioning

Being able to see hidden costs is the key to moving toward #Manufacturing 4.0.  If hidden costs are a blind spot within an organization they are not ready to justify taking the next steps.  What are the hidden costs an organization needs to focus on? #Lean on steroids.

  1. Cost of bad data -typically, 15% to 25% of revenue
  2. Cost of quality – typically, 15 to 20% of revenue
  3. Costs associated with OEE of 60% is fairly typical for discrete manufacturers
    • Discrete manufacturing is typically described by individual or separate unit production. … The processes deployed in discrete manufacturing are not continuous / flowing in nature. A separate process step (discrete) can be started or stopped and can be run at varying production rates.
  4. Cost of under-utilized assets (manpower, equipment, facilities, etc.)

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