Did you know that all systems evolve based on objective patterns?

Structured Innovation / TRIZ: The Road to Innovation

Objective patterns have been defined through research of the history of technology, markets and society.  The revealed evolutionary patterns and sequences define how systems have evolved throughout history.  And, history does repeat itself.  Research has been conducted going back to the beginning of mankind’s existence with studies including some of the oldest evolving systems, e.g. weapons, dwellings, transportation, communications, agriculture, communications, et al.  Learning about structured approaches to #innovation is the beginning… applying what you learn is progress. #evolution Did you know that you can apply these patterns to a system’s characteristics to redefine the system’s future?  For example, increasing dynamism and increasing controllability are two of a number of evolutionary patterns.  Now that you know, apply either or both to a characteristic such as a part of the process associated with the system and make it more dynamic or controllable.  Then assess the new value that could be realized as a result of the change(s).

Systematic and structured approaches to innovation provide a means of continually evolving systems toward a more ideal future state.  Have a great day and keep innovating.