Production Bottlenecks

So what is a production bottleneck? It is a scenario confounded by contradictory requirements. The resolution of contradictions lies at the core of all great innovation.  So what is a contradiction?  As one characteristic of a system (e.g. a process) is improved, another characteristic is degraded.  Example, productivity is often based on the speed of production equipment and sometimes a machine ends up being the bottleneck that results in slower production. But as you try to increase the speed of the bottleneck machine quality degrades.  Restating the contradiction:  As productivity is improve quality degrades.  What’s interesting is that this is what I refer to as the ‘language of meetings’; it’s the way we have learned to talk about problems.  And, there is a hidden reality.  The way we talk results in making the problem more difficult to solve.  This contradiction was stated in terms of what I call a complex contradiction, two characteristics (productivity and quality) in opposition to each other.  The key to being able to solve a complex contradiction is to understand what is hidden inside it.  Structured approaches to innovation provide step-by-step procedures for dealing with complex contradictions by converting them to simple and then using a set of historically sound principles (separation principles) to resolve the contradiction.  #Innovation should be fun and lead to the profitability we need… there should never be an inability to solve a manufacturing problem or any other area of business.