Production Bottlenecks

So what is a production bottleneck? It is a scenario confounded by contradictory requirements. The resolution of contradictions lies at the core of all great innovation.  So what is a contradiction?  As one characteristic of a system (e.g. a process) is improved, another characteristic is degraded.  Example, productivity is often based on the speed of production equipment and sometimes a machine ends up being the bottleneck that results in slower production. But as you try to increase the speed of the bottleneck machine quality degrades.  Restating the contradiction:  As productivity is improve quality degrades.  What’s interesting is that this is what I refer to as the ‘language of meetings’; it’s the way we have learned to talk about problems.  And, there is a hidden reality.  The way we talk results in making the problem more difficult to solve.  This contradiction was stated in terms of what I call a complex contradiction, two characteristics (productivity and quality) in opposition to each other.  The key to being able to solve a complex contradiction is to understand what is hidden inside it.  Structured approaches to innovation provide step-by-step procedures for dealing with complex contradictions by converting them to simple and then using a set of historically sound principles (separation principles) to resolve the contradiction.  #Innovation should be fun and lead to the profitability we need… there should never be an inability to solve a manufacturing problem or any other area of business.

MFG 4.0 brings new life to mature manufacturing processes

Manufacturing operations of all types have evolved.  Beginning in the 80’s, new life was brought to machining through the integration of computers with machine tools.  At the same time, at least in the US, quality initiatives took hold and began to drive quality higher and higher.  Over the years, Lean and Continuous Improvement have led to on-going incremental refinements.  Along the way, the ability to collect data became the norm and today many companies are trying to figure out how to leverage the peta-bytes of data that are being collected or have the potential to be collected.  Some are being run over by the abundance of data and what it means.  Along comes more computer advancements and the emergence of AI solutions but like every other evolution, these will not be the end of manufacturing evolution.

But, something is missing, can you see what it is?

MFG 4.0 brings new life to mature manufacturing processes… While some may talk about and be pursuing lights-out automation, there is another reality; evolution occurs in stages.  And, the reality that the people who live and work on the plant floor are valuable assets.  Actions to cause the relationship between plant floor personnel through leadership need to be evolving in new ways.  At AIA, we believe that a key element of MFG 4.0 is evolving how data is leveraged to enhance how people work throughout manufacturing and how information is efficiently and effectively reported throughout the ranks all the way to the top.  These changes have the potential to change the way people, from the bottom of the organization to the top work to deliver greater value.

We enable learning about MFG 4.0, assessing manufacturing readiness, preparing people, and implementing MFG 4.0 for organizational growth and profitability.  Learn more about MFG 4.0:  Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation™.